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Green Lipped Mussels (dehydrated)

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Nature's tasty supplement to heal joint pain!

Our Green Lipped Mussels (GLM) are from New Zealand, and dehydrated in-house in small batches, maintaining all their nutrients! GLM is an excellent source of glucosamine and chondroitin; natural building blocks for joint and cartilage. With a high concentration of Omega-3s and Fatty Acids, GLM is excellent for joint health. It reduces inflammation and relieves joint pain, which is especially helpful for pets suffering from arthritis.

Also High in Vitamin A, amongst many other minerals and nutrients, GLM is a great way to strengthen your pet's immune system!

Product Information:
Ingredients: 100% New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels 
Chew Meter (how hard is this treat?): 4 out of 5 
Shelf-Life: 6 months from date of manufacture (please consume 1 month after opening)
Weight per pack: 60g