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THE TINY LIFE - Your Rabbit's Bakery in SG

handmade treats for rabbits!

Freshly made in Singapore.

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The tiny life is a rabbit bakery in Singapore featured on Class95
The Straits Times has featured The Tiny Life - natural rabbit treats in Singapore
We've been featured on The Smart Local - the tiny life makes healthy bunny birthday cakes and treats in Singapore
The Tiny Life has been featured on Kiss92 radio - the company makes handmade rabbit snacks in Singapore
Pets Magazine features the tiny life - company that makes Rabbit Chews, cupcakes, cookies, and biscuits in Singapore
The tiny life is featured in Club Pets Magazine - we offer rabbit herbal mixes to support your hamster's wellness


Our rabbit treats are made with only the highest quality ingredients & are 100% safe for your pet. 
They are handmade fresh in Singapore, using only Fresh ingredients sourced from premium suppliers.

Besides that, every item is made with love just for your pet! Order Now!

Rabbit Treats - Made Fresh in SIngapore since 2013


tutu loves the forage box from @thetinylifebyfeedmypaws ! gave him a little bit to try first, turns out he chews on the herbs and marks the box πŸ˜‚πŸ°


*Lola girl dipping her paws into her pellet bowl! She's definitely enjoying her herbs from @thetinylifebyfeedmypaws 🐰🐾😍


@feedmypaws is really amusing us with the treats. It’s really Hokkien Mee look alike but bunny safe πŸ‘πŸ». Bunny way of vegetarian diet 🀣🀣🀣


video credits: @3lop1dwarf @mama_michio @chinchinbinnie @bobamilkcha

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Our store specializes in limited-edition rabbit treats!

With these novelty treats inspired by human trends, your rabbit will be thrilled! 
For example, we have Halloween, Chinese New Year, Xmas treats and more (e.g. Squid game).

Show your fuzzy friend how much you care with this range!

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You'll find something for your Rabbit in this section, whether it's a gift, a special occasion, or just something for them!

We offer a variety of special birthday treats to make your Rabbit's birthday special.

Choose from Rabbit Birthday Cup cakes, Fruit Tarts, Mini-cakes, and MORE!

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We've got guilt-free treats for Your Rabbit!

Our handmade treats are carefully crafted to meet the nutritional needs of rabbits, unlike store-bought treats. Your rabbit can genuinely indulge in these natural treats!

Moreover, the fruit & herb combination is sure to appeal to even the pickiest of hay eaters while also providing health benefits to your bunnies!

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Rabbit Biscuits & Chew products include:

β€’ Yummy oat-based rabbit biscuits, cookies, and sticks. Enjoy them in moderation!

β€’ Also, we have our popular hamster chew, Apple / Bamboo Sticks!

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We have a wide selection of supplements for your Rabbit!

Herbs don't only make great snacks, but they also promote good health!
They are excellent home remedies for minor bunny ailments.

In addition to our Herb Mixes (Herb Medley), we also have starter packs of individual herbs!


Our handcrafted treats follow the trends of the human world!

We hope your Bunny Lovesthe Collections from the Rabbit Bakery

Rabbit Treats - Rabbit Birthday Cake Cupcake - Rabbit Cookies

Rabbit Herb Mix - Rabbit Snacks - Rabbit Chews - Rabbit Biscuits - Rabbit Stick

Our expert formulates every Rabbit product

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Why Rabbit pawrents choose Feed My Paws!

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Since 2013. Made by hand for your pet

β€’ Using only natural, fresh ingredients, we have made healthy pet treats and snacks since 2013!

Trustworthy since 2013.

β€’ In our Toa Payoh AVS-licensed kitchen, we prepare all of our Rabbit Cakes and Snacks ourselves.
β€’ Thousands of pet owners rely on us for homemade treats, cakes, and snacks!

Feed My Paws - Pet Bakery since 2013 - Healthy handmade Rabbit treats


β€’ Our rabbit treats are made with only the freshest ingredients
β€’ You need not worry about by-products or artificial flavours, as well as anything that may bother your bunny.
β€’ Natural and 100% safe.

Delivered to you

β€’ Delivery is also available*.
β€’ Items that might be damaged during transit are an exception. Read the product information for more information.

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