Feed My Paws Subscription Club: Subscription Box for Rabbits & Guinea Pigs! (Bi-monthly)

Feed My Paws Subscription Club: Subscription Box for Rabbits & Guinea Pigs! (Bi-monthly)

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 First subscription box of hand made treats for bunnies and guinea pigs in Singapore! Curated specially for bunnies and guinea pigs, our bi-monthly subscription box brings you 5 new creations in each box!

At Feed My Paws, we believe in providing healthy and preservative-free treats for your bunnies and guinea pigs. Our treats are created to ensure bunnies and guinea pigs receive nutritious treats that provide them with essential vitamins and minerals, while bearing in mind that their bodies can only process small quantities of certain ingredients. 

We hope your bunnies and guinea pigs enjoy the treats we hand make with love!

What’s in the Subscription Box for Rabbits & Guinea Pigs?

In each box, you’ll receive 5 brand new creations! You’ll be the first to receive limited edition items before we roll it out to everyone else (each box comes with items that are EXCLUSIVE and won't be available for sale to the general public)!

How much is it?

You’ll be billed $26.90 every 2 months (not inclusive of shipping) for your box of handmade yummies! Cancel anytime after 3 boxes (or 6 months) by sending us an email. It’s THAT easy!

*Cancellation must be done before the 15th of each month if you do not wish to receive the following month's box.

Can I buy just 1 box?

This option is currently unavailable =) Part of our Subscription Club is to continuously create and share new creations, plus other special perks!

What are the collection/shipping options?

Self-collection in store

Doorstep Delivery with tracking: $4.50