Our Store Got RENOVATED! (feat Oneness Renovation!)

Hi everyone!!

Our retail store just underwent a 2 week long renovation process and we're finally back in action! Okay there's still some much needed furniture that's missing but we should be ready for an official launch by the end of April :P

Anyway, we wanted share some parts of the renovation process with you guys! :) We ended up choosing Oneness Renovation (Clarissa sourced for many, many quotes before making a decision - she's an excellent finance manager, super niao AF hahaha) because their quote was competitively priced and the team was really nice!

They first came down to our store to understand what we needed and what our vision for the final look was - before giving us really useful suggestions (that was within our budget - they actually bothered to take note of that and at no point did they try to hard sell or insist we get certain things), and then provided us a detailed quote 2 days later.

They didn't just do what they quoted us for- THEY DID SO MUCH MORE!!! Our store used to be a retail + kitchen combined, but we've since moved the kitchen a few units down from our existing store so that we can have a bigger retail + workshop area. That meant moving our ENTIRE KITCHEN down a few units. It might sound close since it's "just a few units" but OMG. Carrying all those stainless steel tables, a massive sink, absurdly large equipment (like a 40kg oven), a counter, shelves and more was just CRAZY. They actually helped us do so much of that!!! It's definitely not part of their job scope- we're supposed to move that ourselves (or get movers) but they offered to help us out which was soooooo nice!!

One of the guys even helped us scrub the sink LOLLLL. That was after we cleaned it okay. Not sure whether to feel happy or insulted hahahaha.

Clarissa also sourced for brand new tables, another sink, and shelves. Most of these pieces required building and... Yup, they helped us build and install those too. Okay Clarissa did attempt building one of the tables and she was halfway through when Bryan took over and completed it within minutes. I think it was just too painful for him to watch her struggle HAHAHA.

(OH OH, they even let me play with the drill!! OMG, I WAS SO EXCITED. I mean I totally messed it up and screwed up the drill bit FML I'm so sorry guys but they didn't even get mad at me heh)


(That's my daughter on the right, starting to put her to work at 10 months old HAHA. And that cute ass boy is @iampoodlezero. His head of fur is just undeniably made for superstardom)

Also, here's an important lesson about passion from Clarissa:


We just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU to Oneness Renovation for their amazing work and being soooo incredibly helpful bringing our new store to life!!! They didn't sponsor anything but we really wanted to do a shoutout for them because it's not everyday you come across such hardworking individuals who do so much more than what they're being paid for!

If you're looking to get some renovations done, you can approach Bryan at 81633002 for a quote! Sorry la no discount, we're not influencers LOL.

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