DIY FeedMyPaws Recipe: Panda Onigiri!

Hi everyone!

Today we'll be doing a really simple (haha, I realize I always say that, but I really do try to keep it as simple as possible to encourage everyone to try!) Panda Onigiri Recipe! :) All you need are 2 ingredients ;) I recommend serving this with Chicken Stir-Fry (I substituted with Tuna as Skotch can't have too much chicken) on the side, and to complete the meal, a yummy Chawanmushi! Both these recipe tutorials can be found below :)

Panda Onigiri Ingredients:

-200g cooked white rice*

-1 large piece of seaweed, or several small pieces

*short-grain japanese rice is the traditional rice used to make onigiri, but in this recipe I used regular Jasmine rice and it worked quite well as a substitute. I didn't want to buy a bag of short-grain rice just to make one onigiri, and you shouldn't have to as well! Just use what you have at home :) If you do use short-grain rice though, it'll probably look prettier, unlike my Panda where the rice grains are glaringly obvious, haha!


Some pictures below: These are the seaweed pieces you'll need (it's more than what's needed actually, but I've a tendency to get rice stuck on everything so I recommend getting some extra!). In the video tutorial I show a quick snippet on how to cut out the eyes and mouth, but it's pretty straightforward.

Using cling wrap, I shaped the rice into a head, body, 4 legs, and 2 ears :) The video tutorial will show you exactly how to do this. The cling wrap is highly recommended, but if you really don't have any, you can wet your hands, or coat it with a tiny bit of coconut oil to reduce sticking. It'll still stick though, you know how rice is right? Haha. 

Cover the legs and ears in seaweed!

I served Mr Panda on a bed of tuna stir-fry! You can try our chicken stir-fry recipe and serve Mr Panda with that! I substituted chicken for tuna, because Skotch has an allergy.

Put Mr Panda together (shown in video) and here you are!



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