DIY FeedMyPaws Recipe: Easy Siew Mai Recipe for Dogs!

Siew Mai Wrapper (makes approx 25):
100g Brown Rice Flour
1 Egg
Warm Water
Filling (enough for 10 mini siew mai):
100g Minced Pork
Finely grated carrot or pumpkin (optional)

Makes approx 25 piece of siew mai wrappers (I usually make extra wrappers and keep them!). Pork filling is enough to make 10 mini siew mai. Leftover siew mai wrappers can be kept in the fridge for a week, or frozen for a month :)

You can substitute with fish, or any other type of meat for your dumplings. The method of wrapping is slightly different as brown rice flour isn't as malleable as regular wheat flour. You can definitely use regular wheat flour if you have some at home, just don't feed it to your pups on a daily basis :)

TIP: You don't have to use a dim sum basket like I did (I got mine from Daiso by the way). You can always place siew mai on a plate and steam it :)


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