Why Minimal Ingredients?

When I first saw the words 'Minimal Ingredients' as a new dog owner more than a decade ago, I immediately thought,   "Huh? Why minimal?? And why are they saying it like it's something to be proud of?"   At that point I thought minimal ingredients meant that the company was stingy, and didn't wanna put extra stuff in, haha! Over the years, I began to understand the meaning behind these words, and why minimal ingredients was better than a cocktail of everything!   We've had people ask us why we use such few ingredients in our treats, well, we're supporters of the Minimal Ingredients policy too! Less is more, and we're here to share why :)   Unlike us humans, dogs have very, very sensitive tummies and it's not the best idea to overwhelm them with a ton of ingredients in one treat. Even more so if they're new to these ingredients. Some dogs have really sturdy tummies and can eat everything but most dogs don't have that. That aside, minimal ingredients makes it easier for owners to figure out what their dogs might be allergic to! It's a lot easier to work out by elimination if a treat has merely 5 ingredients, as opposed to many more!   We try to use ingredients that are quite common to most dogs and found in most of their daily meals. Of course, some ingredients will definitely be new to your pup's diet, and we all know that dogs react to any ingredients that are new, so we try our very best to make sure they're the kind of ingredients that are easy on their tummies!   Just a few, high quality ingredients, mixed together with lots of love, is all that's needed to make a treat that's healthy, tasty and perfect for your favourite family member! :)   Home made dog treats and pupcakes, Made in Singapore ;)
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