Why Gluten-Free & Wheat-Free Cakes?

Hi everyone! I rarely have the time to sit and write, which is something I absolutely love to do. But I have a couple of hours to spare, and since our range of cakes are launching soon, I thought this would be a good entry for me to share why I made the decision for all our cakes to be gluten and wheat-free :) Before any of our products are released, thorough research is done. Aside from making sure we use quality ingredients, we speak to different veterinarians and seek their opinions on our products, and there have been many times that we learned something we didn't know! For example, we had previously used carrots as our frosting topping, but we were told by 2 different veterinarians to switch to sweet potato because of the high sugar content in carrots, and so we did! :) That aside, we had formerly used Organic Whole Wheat Flour & Buckwheat Flour in our Cakes & Pupcakes, but as it turns out, Organic Brown Rice Flour is a much better alternative given higher digestibility, and less chances of an allergic reaction, so we were advised to switch and we did too! :) I'm not sure how many of you have tried this home remedy, but when our dogs have diarrhoea, we always cook a small portion of brown rice, lean chicken/pork, and a tiny amount of pumpkin and feed it to them. It helps firm up their stools and set their digestive system back on track! It works like a dream, and I highly suggest you try it :) So based on this alone, it was pretty obvious to us why switching to Organic Brown Rice flour was the right choice. We've been dog sitting for years and we've come across so, so many dogs with different dietary needs. From dogs who have extremely sensitive skin, to dogs with epilepsy, to fussy royals (now this is very common isn't it? haha), to dogs with a gluten intolerance, to dogs who simply seem to get a bad tummy over any diet changes. After 5 years of cooking and experimenting, I think I can safely say we managed to come up with a few solutions to tackle all these problems! I mean this aside, when I lived in Perth, my housemates were veterinarians, and their vet friends became my friends, so I was given a free education in all things animals! Not just dogs, like seriously, pigs and cows too. Haha. These are the same people I consult (and annoy probably) with my incessant questions when it comes to developing new products. Given that they too have dogs and have been kindly lending me their support, it's no surprise that they would want the best for them too :) I chose the gluten-free and wheat-free option because I am a firm supporter of ingredients that are tasty, nutritious and easy on the stomach. This option is particularly helpful for dogs who suffer from sensitive skin, itchiness, hot spots, bald patches, and so on. I'm not saying don't ever serve your dogs gluten or wheat, all I'm saying is, this is my choice because I believe it's the best. I do use wheat (albeit only Organic Wheat) in my treats, they give amazing texture and colour but the difference is, treats are tiny, whereas a slice of cake or a whole pupcake is a pretty big portion, and I'm just simply not comfortable with my boys eating so much wheat. Some dogs are sensitive to wheat, some aren't (for example, Skotch gets soft stools when he has wheat, but Hoovy doesn't), but I just don't feel good feeding any of the dogs out there something that might cause an allergic reaction. I've seen many dogs develop digestive problems and nutritional problems when fed the wrong diet in the long run, so I think I'd rather not contribute to that. It's a lot like us and what we eat, it's a lifestyle choice, it's not compulsory to eat well. We would survive just fine eating things like fried chicken and french fries, but we may not feel our best. This is another reason why the ingredients to each treat is listed clearly. This way, you can check if your dog has any allergies to any of the ingredients, or better yet, check with your dog's vet if these ingredients are alright for him/her to consume :) Was I hesitant about putting the ingredients list up? Not for one second. Despite everyone advising me not to (for obvious reasons, haha), I was adamant about sharing this because I feel that it's important. So, here we go! Only 2 days more before our Cakes are launched! I am super excited. Are you? ;)  Our cakes are ready to be ordered!! Hehe (A big THANK YOU to Dr Liaw and Dr Yeo for their constant support and wonderful advice!)   Home made dog treats and pupcakes, Made in Singapore ;)
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