Pupcakes Recipe Improvement!

Hi everyone! We've made a few tiny changes to our Pupcakes Recipe, to make it even more dog-friendly, and healthier too! We realise that most dogs aren't used to Buckwheat Flour, as it isn't a very common ingredient locally (although we hope to see it more!). Buckwheat Flour is healthy and a great grain-free carbohydrate alternative for dogs, but due to the sudden consumption of it in large amounts (our pupcakes are 100grams each, which is a pretty big portion for smaller dogs), a lot of dogs can get diarrhoea. As dog owners, we all know that introducing new foods can be tricky. Some dogs have zero reaction to new ingredients, while others tend to get a bad tummy for a while :( Taking this into account, we spoke to Dr Yeo of Jireh Veterinary Clinic, and he suggested switching to something just as healthy, and a little more common with dogs. That would be Organic Brown Rice Flour! :) Well, he initially suggest using Brown Rice, but we concluded that would be a real mess hahaha. So yes, the next best alternative would be Organic Brown Rice Flour. Our revamped pupcakes will ALL be made using Organic Brown Rice Flour! After whipping up a batch today, we realise it's a lot more aesthetically appealing too!! You can actually see the delicious chunks of meat and veggies so clearly now, hehe. Of course, the Buckwheat Flour option will still be available, and if you would like that, just let us know! :) We've also switched from Lactose-free Cow's Milk to Goat's Milk in our Pupcakes! Goat's milk is a lot easier to digest (both in humans and dogs, although to be completely honest, the smell just doesn't work for me, haha) and the dogs LOVE it! My boys drink a bowl of it daily, hehe. So we figured, why not make the switch? We're all for ingredients that are better for the doggies! Dr Yeo also very kindly gave us extra tips and lots of suggestions on our new recipes, so we're very, very excited and can't wait to share them with you!! We wish we could get it all done RIGHT THIS MINUTE!! Did we mention that he gets treats for his little lady, Ginger, from us?? Hehe! We'll be meeting with another vet later today, and can't wait to hear what she has to say! We're constantly excited about learning new things and improving our products, and expert opinions are definitely something we are grateful for :) We hope your pups will enjoy our improved recipe :) Stay tuned for more delicious updates! :) Home made dog treats and pupcakes, Made in Singapore ;)
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