Chinese New Year visit to Causes for Animals! :)

  One Day 2 of Chinese New Year (or as some say, 初二), the FeedMyPaws team made a visit to Causes for Animals (CAS)!! Hehe. We always have the best time at CAS! Everyone is so warm and friendly, and they never get annoyed with us for being in the way (I always feel like we're in the way of volunteers getting important things done), so we always stay longer than expected hehe. It's amazing over at CAS. So much positive energy and needless to say, the dogs are looked after so well!! We can't wait to go back again, hehe!

My favourite picture!! Chupa and I :) Chupa has found a home, yay! But there are lots of other wonderful doggies over at CAS looking for one too :) Photo 1-2-14 12 00 14 pm

The human has arrived with treats :P

Photo 1-2-14 11 51 50 am

Photo 1-2-14 11 47 27 am

Clarissa and Woody! He loves her!! The first time I met Woody he didn't take to me very well, but that was entirely my fault because I didn't approach him gently. This time round however, HE WAS SO AFFECTIONATE TOWARDS ME!! Yes, I am very proud of that haha!


"Yes human? Can I help you?"


Nomming on some smelly toes :P

Photo 1-2-14 12 42 58 pm


Photo 1-2-14 11 57 22 am

CHUPAAAAAAA! Handsome right?!

Photo 1-2-14 11 59 56 am

Elvis, who isn't exactly the lightest fella around (haha), decided it would be a good idea to lean his entire bodyweight on me.

Photo 1-2-14 12 28 22 pm

"I shall lean on this human while I enjoy some pats from the other human!"

Photo 1-2-14 12 28 23 pm

We got to witness a photoshoot too!! Hehe. That's Twister in the picture. He's gonna be a top model for sure. Look at him working that slide!


Once again, thank you for having us CAS!!! We'll be back soon! :)

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