Our visit to Mdm Wong's Shelter & Friends, and GentlePaws!

Last Saturday, the FeedMyPaws team made our way to Mdm Wong's Shelter & Friends, and GentlePaws! We were there to make a delivery as some treats were generously purchased by a lady named Evon, and of course we had to do our part by topping up with extras!! Hehe. Here's some pictures of our day :) 20140125_135229 20140125_142628

The following pictures were taken at Mdm Wong's Shelter & Friends :) Unfortunately we didn't get a chance to mingle with the dogs at GentlePaws, but hopefully we'll have that opportunity next time! :) We had an awesome time at Mdm Wong's Shelter & Friends!! The doggies were soooo cuddly and cute and friendly, and the lady in charge, Michelle, was so kind and nice to us! Looking forward to our next visit already!! :)


"Yes I placed an order for cheese tarts through Evon. Didn't she tell you? Can I have some of that now please? Thanks."


"I placed an order too!!! Through er... Emily. Huh? Avon! Who? Evon? Yes yes, Evon! Ya I meant Evon. Okay gimme!!!"

Photo 25-1-14 1 52 52 pm

Look who jumped up on the table haha. Photo 25-1-14 1 53 32 pm Photo 25-1-14 1 54 02 pm

This little girl was so shy!!! She made my heart melt! Photo 25-1-14 1 55 31 pm Photo 25-1-14 1 50 10 pm Photo 25-1-14 1 56 17 pm

I always get excited when I go to shelters, because I can't wait to make the doggies' day with a little extra human attention and yummy treats. But at the same time, each visit breaks my heart. I just cannot understand why so many people give up their dogs. I get that some people may have their reasons, but for many, I am sure these pups are dumped just because their owners  are irresponsible and aren't mature enough to understand the level of commitment of owning a loyal companion. It's just so heartbreaking looking at these lovely, innocent dogs who probably don't understand why they've been given up. I know it's impossible for every single one of them to find a home, but I hope to someday adopt another, and till then, I hope more people will come forward to give these dogs a little extra love :)

Once again, thank you for having us at Mdm Wong's Shelter & Friends, Michelle! You were a great host and we look forward to seeing you and the doggies again :) Also, a big thank you to Evon, your generosity was overwhelming, and you made Chinese New Year an amazing one for these fur kids!

We will be back with tons of treats, and to annoy the little fur balls!! Hehe :P

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