New Item! Giant Liver-Parmesan Paw Cookie!

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UPDATE! Our Giant Liver-Parmesan Paw have been officially introduced to our Menu! Click here to get it at a special introductory price of $18.00 (U.P $21.00). Valid from 4 Jan 2014 - 11 Jan 2014 :) Friday is our day off, which usually means a chance to try out new recipes for our range of homemade dog treats! We generally work on each recipe a couple of times using different types of flour, and then try to match it with different ingredients, to see which the doggies like best. Today, we finally found a perfect match and have a proud new addition to the treat family!

A giant paw!!! Kinda looks like a bear's paw print huh? Haha


With a delicious sprinkling of Parmesan cheese (lots more inside each cookie hehe).


I just can't get enough of the super cute Hello Kitty silicone mat!


So, what usually convinces me to add something to the menu? When the result is this:




Joy is a really fussy eater, so him eating something is a big deal!!


Hoovy is pretty fussy too, but generally if it's meat, it's CAN I HAVE ONE MORE THANKS.

IMG_8123 Hehe! YAY! We'll be adding this to our Menu real soon! It actually smells a lot better than I thought it would- I don't eat much pig's liver (avoiding the use of chicken as an ingredient in our treats, as many dogs are allergic to it) myself, so I never really thought of using it to make treats. Imagine my amazement when the dogs went absolutely nuts for it haha. They were actually hanging around outside the kitchen door the entire time, and Hoovy even tried to bust through the door! I've only ever seen him do that for Pork Jerky, Cheesy Cheese Chompers and Pork-Apple-Cinnamon Cookies. Looks like there's one more I can add to the list now, hehe! HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYBODY! I hope you have an awesome weekend! ;) Home made Dog treats, Made in Singapore ;) Hypoallergenic / Grain-Free / Senior Special / Tasty / Vegetarian / Home made Kibble

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