New Year's Day at Causes for Animals!

Hi everyone!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! :) How have you spent the New Year so far? Made any resolutions you're gonna try to stick to yet? Hehe. The FeedMyPaws team had the privilege of spending New Year's Day 2014 with all the pups at CAS! They are sooooooo cute. Like, insanely adorable and just ohsosquishysquishable!!! If we could have, we would have brought all of them home! Believe me, they'll melt your heart in an instant. It takes a lot of self control not to sneak one into your car hehe. Honestly don't think the good people at CAS would have minded very much if I took them all :P Before I show you some pictures, I'd just like to say a big thank you to everyone who supported our little drive. Our biggest supporter for December was Ms Sheena (owner of Dash). THANK YOU!!! :) For the month of January, we'll once again be working with CAS for a CNY special! We hope more of you will lend us your support, and help us help more dogs :) Here we go!

Look who's excited about getting some treats???


Puppies looking for a loving home, a foster home, or even just a sponsor :) Click here to find out more about these cuties!


"You got some home made dog treats for me, human?"


Ben's very excited face. Can you tell?? Haha! That's a Peanut Butter Cookie he's using all his might to grab :P


Melvin enjoying what it feels like to be popular. Haha!


Omnomnomz! (That's a bag full of Feed My Paws homemade dog treats: Mighty Milk Animal Cookies, Peanut Butter Yoghurt Bones, and Cheesy Cheese Chompers!)


With (L-R) Salad, Mimi, and Ah Siao.


I GOT TO WALK SALAD!!! Wasn't expecting that, hehe! Salad was SO well behaved on the leash. My impression of street dogs was that they're always harder to handle, given how they used to roam the streets freely, and now have to do controlled things like be walked by humans. But clearly that was just me being ignorant. Thanks to the hard work these volunteers put in, these dogs are amazingly well-adjusted, friendly, gentle and yes, they walk great on a leash ;) To be completely honest, Salad was easier to handle than my own two boys!


The 3 stooges :P


"Can you please give me a home, kind human???"


When we left CAS, I couldn't stop thinking about the dogs. Sure, we gave them treats, a little bit of attention, and some of our time. But it just didn't feel like it was enough. The volunteers were very kind to us, and answered so many of our questions, while teaching us the ins and outs.  Anyway, as of today, I'm officially sponsoring Chupa!!! Hehehe. You can click here to find out more about him :) I don't have a picture of Chupa here, but I will soon when I go visit him again!! When I first saw him, I couldn't take my eyes off him. You're probably going to think I'm completely nuts but aside from the fact that he's big and cuddly, he has a velvety head!!! I kid you not, his head feels just like suede. It even LOOKS like suede. When have you ever seen a dog with a head like that?! The rest of his body is normal and furry like a regular dog but his head is just... Out of this world haha. Anyway, I just couldn't stop annoying him after that little discovery and tadah! Now he's my little big baby :P There are so many other dogs looking for sponsors too (or you can sponsor Chupa as well!). Sponsorships go for as little as $10 a month :) Click here to find out more!

I'd like to say a big thank you once again to everyone who supported our little drive, as well as to the amazing volunteers to had us over for New Year's Day. We were very happy to see the doggies enjoying their treats, and can't wait to be back again! :) To check out our full album, please click this link: (and 'Like' Us for Updates too! Especially things like coupons, hehe). The Feed My Paws team would love to do more, and I hope more people will support our CNY drive to allow us to do that! :) HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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