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Hi there! Welcome to Feed My Paws! :) This is where you'll find lots of premium homemade doggie treats that are healthy, nutritious and most importantly, YUMMY!!! I've always believed in giving nothing but the best for my two rascals (Skotch my old man and Hoovy my young hyper bunny, you'll probably see one too many pictures of them in time to come) and of course, to all my furry clients whom I've had the privilege of caring for over the years! :) (Click here for my other blog, and for some home made recipes too!) With years of caring for pups on my hands, listening to different health conditions and the right diet to go along with it, I learned to come up with tasty and nutritious recipes that were easy to digest and didn't cause the usual problems store-bought treats might. I believe in purchasing the freshest produce of the highest quality, which is why all treats are made-to-order only. They're safe for humans to consume (Melvin and I embarrassingly chomp on all the meat jerky prepared for the pups) because in my mind, if it's not safe for human consumption, it's not safe for dogs either. A lot of my inspiration comes from our own human treats (like Peanut Butter Fudge for example): I try to mimic most of our own desserts into a version that's healthy for them, because I feel so bad each time they beg me for something I'm eating!! There are limitations of course (many to be exact) and even after years, I still find myself learning something new, or having to research new forms of baking- which is exactly what keeps me going! ;) What I intend to do with my new 'treat store' is to share the homemade goodness with all doggies out there, while at the same time use this as an opportunity to do more for shelters, whose volunteers work so hard every single day to keep going. I'm going to have special deals every month, so do look forward to those!! :) It's going to be an amazing, delicious culinary journey ahead, exclusively for all our loyal companions, whom we know, despite the days they pee in our beds or chew on our shoes, really are the best part of our lives :)

Apple tart Skotch and HoovyA delicious Pineapple-Apple tart: an upcoming recipe for our Chinese New Year special! I'm still working on it at the moment hehe. Don't worry, it's 100% dog-friendly and from the attention of these two… You know it's gonna be good :P

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