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organic licorice herb supplement for hamsters rabbits guinea pigs and chinchillas in singapore

Organic licorice root (supports Immunity, soothes gastric inflammation)(hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas)

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  • Boost your small animal's health with licorice root!
  • The herb, licorice root, boosts immunity and soothes gastric inflammation!
  • Depending on size chosen: Each packet has 8-10 or 18-20 servings
  • Sourced only from the United States
  • Natural & Organic
  • (New to Herbs? See our Small Animal Herb Guide) 



  • 1 teaspoonful every few days or once a week
  • Up to twice a day if using to treat ailments


  • Pet pellets are highly processed, and they lose many vitamins and minerals as a result.
  • Fruits and vegetables we feed them daily or weekly may not contain enough vitamins and minerals to meet their needs. However, chinchillas are the exception.
  • For your rabbit, guinea pig, hamster and chinchilla, herbs can be beneficial to strengthening various organs.
  • Using herbs has helped us cut back on how often we need to visit the vet!



  • Unlike commercial brands, our handmade pet treats for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, and chinchillas, have a shorter shelf life as they DO NOT contain any preservatives.
  • You'll be feeding the freshest, healthiest treats to your furkids! :)
  • All The Tiny Life (by Feed My Paws) pet treats are handmade in Singapore in our AVS-approved kitchen.