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Beef Tendon Chews (for strong chewers!)

Regular price $13.50


We've held out increasing the price despite an increase in cost of meat from our supplier. Unfortunately, we are unable to continue with the previous price any longer.

**Kindly note that as Beef Tendons require a minimum 72 hours to be prepared, the waiting time for this can be up to 7 working days. Thank you!

This highly requested chew was made just for strong chewers!

Dehydrated over a minimum of 72 hours, these intensely hard chews are perfect to clean teeth while providing a great protein boost!

**Please supervise your pups while they are given these chews. They are extremely hard and strictly not recommended for pups who have a tendency to swallow large chunks of food.

 Weight per pack: ~70g (min 2 chews)

Shelf life: 6 months (please consume within 1 month after opening).