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Mighty Milk Animal Cookies

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Our bestselling cookies of all time! Made using both lactose-free cow’s milk (high in calcium) and goat’s milk (high in calcium and protein, low in fat and lactose), this highly nutritious and easy-to-digest cookie is loved by all pups young and old. Test your skills and try getting these delicious, milky-smelling treats to stand on their own! We know you’re gonna have just as much fun as we do putting them on the ground, and watching your pup drool while you tell them to ‘stay’!
  • Texture: Firm but easy to bite (great for dogs who may have difficulty chewing a regular hard biscuit)
  • Ingredients: Organic Dairy, Free range Egg, Organic Brown Rice
  • Shelf Life: 3 months from date of manufacture
  • Weight per pack: Available in 100g, and 200g packs
  • Extra care is taken to protect these cookies during mailing. However, rough handling may still cause some cookies to break during shipping. To avoid this possibility, you may choose to select self-collection during checkout