Top 5 Supplements for your Bunny

There are so many amazing supplements for bunnies, but these have been most useful for me over the years. Let us know what yours are!

1. Attention
Okay, so this is not exactly a supplement ") the best prevention to any ailment is attention! Bunnies hide illnesses really well, so small signs like slight lethargy, smaller sized poop, drinking slightly less water, not rushing to food bowl during pellet-time - these could be signs that something may be wrong with bunny. The following list of supplements can then be used to help bunny back to optimum health!

2. Echinacea
This herb is excellent for a bunny's immunity. Unfortunately in Singapore, it's tough to find the fresh herb, so the organic dried version does just as well. A teaspoonful once a week is sufficient to keep a bunny's immunity well balanced. If bunny seems a bit off, a teaspoonful twice a day acts as a natural antibiotic to help fend off any minor ailments. If bunny stops eating, drinking, or pooping, something is very wrong, and a trip to a vet is a must!

Psst! Echinacea is really good for humans too ")

3. Papaya tablets
Good ones contain papain (from papaya) and bromelain (from pineapple). Bunnies ingest fur when they groom themselves or their bunny friends. These tablets aid the removal of fur from bunnies' tummies, and prevent hairball blockage.

4. Dandelion root
Minor urinary tract infection is common in middle aged bunnies. You may notice slightly reddish pee (although it could be from feeding more reddish vegetables or fruits), and minor cases do not require the vet. Dandelion root, combined with echinacea, and cranberry, twice a day for up to two weeks works wonders. I usually continue feeding the combination for at least a few days after the pee clears, just in case.

5. Dandelion leaves
Dandelion leaves are great for bunnies' digestive systems, as they are full of fiber. This herb also promotes good respiratory health - tests have shown that dandelion is effective against upper respiratory infections. If you suspect that your bunny may have some digestive issues - perhaps his/her poop is smaller than usual - feeding a combination of dandelion leaves and echinacea may help!

What are your top supplements for bunnies? We'd love to hear from you!