Top 5 Supplements for your Dog

Ever wondered what the Best 5 Supplements for your Dog is? We've got the list for you!

1. Kefir (or Probiotics) 

A healthy gut contributes to a strong immune system. Healthy Gut Bacteria ensures effective digestion and aids to effectively extract energy from the food your pet consumes. This in turn builds a strong immune system- which results in excellent heart and brain health, good energy, and the ability to fight diseases (poor gut health can result in inflammation and bad bacteria, which can result in diseases in the long term).

To quote Bark Magazine:

"While bacteria also live in our mouths, on our skin and in our urogenital tract, more than 70 percent take up residence in the mucosal tissue lining of the gut, which is known as the gut-associated lymphoid tissue, or GALT. The trillions of beneficial bacteria inside the gut comprise a metabolically active organ—the largest immune organ in the body—and are important for a variety of essential functions, including regulating digestion, producing and metabolizing vitamins and other trace nutrients, and protecting the body from infection." - Click HERE to read more from The Bark Magazine

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Regular yoghurt contains less probiotics but can be fed as well! Just ensure you purchase plain yoghurt without any sugar :)

2. Milk Thistle

Does your dog love to go on walks? Does he/she also love licking their paws and between their tiny toes for dirt that may have gotten stuck there despite a good wash after? Do they sometimes pick up things with their mouth they really shouldn't (or perhaps lick the floor, wall, and everything in between)?? All these toxins are detrimental to your dog's liver but Milk Thistle can HELP!

Milk Thistle is nature's super Detoxifier! Feeding your dog the best food is not going to benefit him/her if their body is clogged with toxins. A body clogged with toxins means essential nutrients will not be able to pass through, resulting in a poor immune system. You want to get rid of the nasty stuff so they can reap 100% of the benefits of their diet! 

Aside from helping your dog's liver, Milk Thistle also aids in healing kidney disease, alleviates symptoms of pancreatitis, and relieves allergies.

Where to purchase Milk Thistle?

Here are the 2 types of Milk Thistle we feed our dogs (choose from either):

Liquid Milk Thistle (1ml a day for small dogs. Continue daily for a week. Break for 8-12 weeks. Repeat. Check with your vet for best dosage):

Milk Thistle Capsules (1/2 capsule a day for small dogs. Continue daily for a week. Break for 8-12 weeks. Repeat. Check with your vet for best dosage):

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3. Turmeric 

So, why Turmeric? As many of you know, turmeric is a must-have ingredient in delicious Middle-Eastern and Southeast Asian Cuisine. But did you know that it has some spectacular benefits?!

Traditional Asian medicine uses turmeric for its ability to detox the body, purify the blood, stimulate bile production in the liver, and disinfect wounds. Turmeric is rich in antioxidants, is a natural antiseptic, and a wonderful anti-inflammatory supplement for the whole body. Most importantly, it's an anti-cancer agent: it inhibits tumour growth and studies have shown that it can even shrink existing tumors. This has to do with the spice’s natural ability to stop blood vessels that feed tumors.

How to feed turmeric?

We recommend approximately 30mg per 1kg of body weight.

Take it a step further and feed your dog Golden Paste instead! Find out how you can make Golden Paste at home by clicking here:

**If your pet is scheduled for surgery, please do not feed them turmeric as it is a blood thinner. Please check with his/her vet prior to getting started on turmeric.

4. Green Lipped Mussels

Does your dog suffer from patella? Or perhaps joint pain? A mild case of arthritis? If you've found your dog slowing down because of achy joints or inflammation, here's a tasty treat you can offer to combat that!

Over 50% of dogs who hit their senior years (age 8 upwards) usually begin developing arthritis in various joints. It's most common in their knees, elbows, and hips. Anti-inflammatory drugs are usually prescribed to help alleviate symptoms but as with all drugs, there are side effects in the long run.

Green Lipped Mussels (GLM) is an excellent source of glucosamine and chondroitin, natural building blocks for joint and cartilage. GLM also have a very high concentration of Omega-3s and Fatty Acids, which is excellent for joint health. It reduces inflammation and relieves joint pain, making it especially helpful for pets suffering from arthritis. It's also a great way to maintain joint health before the issues begin when your dog is older.

Also High in Vitamin A, minerals, antioxidants, nutrients, and amino acid, GLM is a great way to strengthen your pet's overall immune system!

Feed them fresh, or as a powdered supplement! Alternatively, get them as treats to make feeding fun!

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5. Coconut Oil

Dry Paws? Dull Coat? A small scratch? These are just some of the many things coconut oil is excellent for!

When applied topically, Coconut Oil can improve the condition of your dog's coat, keeping it shiny and healthy. It can also moisturize dry paws and nose, which can be common in our hot weather! With it's natural anti-bacterial properties, it has been known to kill bacteria and fight yeast infections when applied on affected areas.

When consumed, Coconut Oil provides a whole new range of pros. Medium chain triglycerides (MCT) is good fat, and that's what Coconut Oil has. It provides a plethora of benefits which include digestion improvement, immune system support, along with metabolic function that assists with weight loss, as well as skin and coat health, and thyroid health.

How much to feed:

We recommend just 1/4 teaspoon per day for small dogs. 

When purchasing coconut oil, it is best to purchase organic and cold pressed :) It can easily be found in most supermarkets and health food stores.



If your dog is suffering from any medical conditions, always consult a vet first. These supplements are meant as recommendations to boost your dog's health, as we have seen the benefits feeding it to our own dogs, but are not a replacement for medication. Remember to always consult a veterinarian first if you are unsure. Feed My Paws is not responsible for any reactions your pet has towards these recommended supplements.

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