Let's Talk GREEN for BUNNIES! #thetinylifeclass

Hi there!

Today we'll be talking about all things GREEN and the benefits of these fresh vegetables! This is part 1 of a 3 part series on fresh fruits and veggies! :)

So, what benefits do these GREENS provide a Bun's life?

(IMPT: It is recommended that a bunny's diet should comprise of a maximum of 10% fresh vegetables and fruits only.)

Cruciferous Veggies (e.g.: Broccoli & Kale): Rich in antioxidants. However, feed very small portions of these as too much can cause excess gas in the gastrointestinal tract.

Wheatgrass: Natural tonic. Vitamins A, C, E, and Proteins.

Asparagus: Vitamins A, C, D, K, Folic Acid, and Chlorophyll which is an antioxidant.

English/Chinese Parsley: Vitamins A, C, K. High in dietary fibre.

*Cucumber doesn't have much nutrients and is over 90% water. It can be fed to bunnies as they love the fresh taste. However, 2-3 thin slices a week is sufficient :)

Not pictured but worth mentioning is Echinacea! An immunostimulat, and also anti-microbial, this herb is wonderful on the immune system!

Do your bunnies currently consume fresh vegetables? If they don't, here's how you can get started!

Fresh vegetables and fruits are recommended for bunnies 6 months and above. If you've never fed your bunny fresh fruits and veggies before, start small.
For example, feed 1 leaf on Day 1, monitor your bunny's poo, and if there's no changes, you can feed 2 leaves the next day or try a different fruit/veg :)

So, how much fresh fruits and vegetables can you feed?

A bunny's diet should comprise of 80% hay, 10% fruits and veggies, 5% pellets, and 5% other foods. A good way would be to look at the portion of hay you're feeding, and feed approximately 1/8 that amount of fresh vegetables and fruits :)

Can you feed the same vegetables everyday?

While you can, we highly recommend rotating different vegetables and fruits! Each vegetable has their own nutritional benefit to offer, so why not offer a variety? Remember to start small and test each 1 first though! :)

Next week, we'll cover a whole different colour of fruits and vegetables! What do your bunnies like to eat? Do you have any questions you'd like us to answer? Follow us on @thetinylifebyfeedmypaws on Instagram and drop us a DM there! See you soon!

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