Can Dogs eat Mango?

can dog eat mango? feed my paws singapore handmade dog treats

One of the most commonly loved tropical fruits in Singapore is mango! Juicy, sweet, and incredibly fragrant, we know your dog will be begging you for some!

Can Dog eat mango? The answer is..... YES!!!

Your dog can absolutely enjoy mango just like you! In moderation, of course.

  • Mangoes are naturally fat-free, sodium-free, and cholesterol-free as well.
  • While they're incredibly rich in fibre and vitamin C (and small amounts of Vitamins A & B), mangoes also have a high natural sugar content.
  • Feeding your dog a controlled amount of mango will ensure they reap the benefits without an overload of natural sugar.

How much mango can you feed your dog?

  • If your dog is trying mango for the first time, just a small cube (~ 2cm x 2cm) will do! Dogs, unlike humans, can have a rather sensitive stomach when it comes to new foods.
  • So introduce one new food at a time & only a small quantity.
  • For dogs who've had mango previously, we'd recommend up to 3-4 cubes for a small dog, 4-8 cubes for a medium dog, and 9-15 cubes for a large dog a day. This is just a rough guide :)

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My dog is a puppy, can he/she eat mango?

  • Dogs from the age of 3 months can enjoy mango!

How often can my dog eat mango?

  • Probably just as a treat 2-3x a week :)

How do I serve mango to my dog?

  • You can serve it at room temperature, cold, frozen, or even blended with some yoghurt and frozen like a popsicle! It can also be enjoyed topped over some greek yoghurt (no sugar) or added to their meal :)


  • So the answer to "Can Dog eat Mango?" is definitely YES!

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