Mini Cake Recipe for Dogs & Cats!

Thinking of whipping up a little cake for your dog or cat this weekend? Check out our super easy Mini Cake Recipe here!

Ingredients you'll need:
100g minced meat
1 egg (or 1 egg white as seen in video)
1 piece of canned sardine (use sardine that’s soaked in spring water. You can also use tuna. Or, if your dog or cat doesn't like fish, you can omit this)

Frosting: plain yoghurt. Our furkids' favourite is Chobani, Farmer's Union, and Farm Fresh :)

Decoration: freeze-dried Feed My Paws treats 😍  You can support our recipes by purchasing a pack! :)

Happy cooking!! #feedmypawsrecipe

Don’t forget to tag us in your creations because it’s the best part about sharing our recipes hehe ❤️

//items are not sponsored. We paid for everything ourselves ☺️// 

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