NEW Resealable Packaging is Finally Here!!!

Last night, we finally got our hands on our BRAND NEW stand-up pouch resealable packaging!!!!!! We've heard many of you say the downside to our previous packaging was that it would rip open and then be a bit of a terror to reseal. So we did our research, tested out a few and finally settled on this one! :) The quality is nothing short of amazing and we know you guys will LOVE it! We got too excited last night and ended up taking er... non-professional looking photos hahaha. We just had to share it!!! HERE IT IS!

New Packaging2 New Packaging1 New Packaging4 New Packaging5 New Packaging6Niceeee??? We think it looks handsome. Hahaha. Our boys (Skotch and Hoovy) obviously have no interest in the new packaging because now it's impossible to rip open with their teeth. So let's just say... The dogs aren't gonna be big fans but the owners are gonna be like OHYEAHTHAT'SWHATI'MTALKINGABOUT!!! Okay we might be the only ones who are so excited. Please be excited too? Haha :P

Home made dog treats and pupcakes, Made in Singapore ;)
Hypoallergenic / Grain-Free / Senior Special / Tasty / Vegetarian / Pupcake  

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