AVA Animal Roadshow at Northpoint! :)

What did you do last weekend?? We headed down to the Animal in our Community Roadshow at Northpoint! :) We met with a couple of friends from SPCA and CWS, and got to see sooooo many cute little fluffy bunnies, kitties and hammies all up for adoption!! Gosh I wish I could keep them all :( I grew up with tons of hamsters (is there a limit to how many you can keep in a HDB? Pretty sure I surpassed it because I had 7 hamsters in 7 separate cages when I was a little kid haha!), and when I got a little older (I think I was 10), I had a rabbit too! I remember when I was that age, I thought my rabbit was a genius (I named him Prince and made him wear a little necklace with his name on it) because didn't wee all around the house! He was also really obedient, and would go back into his cage at night when we told him too :) Okay, I shan't bore you further with my life story haha. Here's some pictures from the event! :) 20140309_140701

How cute is this little guy?!??! And he was so friendly and not at all afraid despite the crowd. If I could have him, I'd probably name him Courage. Hehe.20140309_140804 20140309_140934 20140309_140938

Kitties all dressed up!! AWWWW. The one on the left was SO tiny. This picture really doesn't show how tiny she really was! She was probably palm size. She made the kitten next to her look like an adult cat! I felt so bad to see her struggling to move around :( I really hope she and all her lovely kitty friends go to wonderful homes :)20140309_141103

Someone enjoying lunch ;)


Wow, it's almost the weekend!! I hope you guys have a lovely one! :) Home made dog treats and pupcakes, Made in Singapore ;)
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