Hi there! There will be no collection of pupcakes, tarts, and meatloaves from 23 June - 2 July 2019. Collection resumes 3 July 2019 onwards :) thank you for your understanding!
Hi there! There will be no collection of pupcakes, tarts, and meatloaves from 23 June - 2 July 2019. Collection resumes 3 July 2019 onwards :) thank you for your understanding!
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1. We've switched from Canola Oil to Organic Coconut Oil!! :) The benefits of Organic Coconut Oil far outweighs that of Canola Oil by leaps and bounds! We've been using Organic Coconut Oil on our boys off and on over the past 2 years, but of course, we wouldn't use something unless we were sure it was beneficial and healthy for all our pups! :) Coconut oil has a pretty strong smell, which was fine by Skotch but our little Hoovy didn't like it too much. But we finally found one that has a neutral smell! SO YAY!!! Now, all our products that previously contained Canola Oil, will contain Organic Coconut Oil instead! :) Are you interested to hear about the Benefits??
  • Coconut oil can prevent bacterial and viral infections.
  • Coconut oil reduces the risk of cancer.
  • Coconut oil improves digestion.
  • Coconut oil gives your dog a healthy, shiny and supple coat (along with good skin! it has been particularly useful for Skotch, who has 'thin' skin that occasionally dries out and flakes)
  • Coconut oil helps reduce arthritic pain by encouraging joint mobility.
Doesn't it sound close to perfect?! We're so thrilled to include this super food in our products!! :) - 2. We've switched from Regular Flaxseed to Organic Flaxseed! :) It took us a while to find Organic Flaxseed, but we finally got out hands on it! :) - 3. We've included Turmeric into nearly all our products! This is another super food we have to talk about!! Some time ago, a good friend of mine adopted a stray in Kuala Lumpur. He had bald patches, and really bad skin. He began applying a turmeric mixture daily to the area, which at that point I thought was pretty odd. In weeks, hair began to grow back, and within months, he looked like he never suffered a day of bad skin! It was incredible!! That sparked my interest in this wonder herb and I began doing intensive research. I actually managed to meet someone during my trip to Europe whom I managed to speak to about this. Given the weather changes there, the benefits of Turmeric was even more apparent (then again, the humid weather here does 'cause skin problems all year round). One thing led to another and TADAH! We just HAD to include Turmeric in our products!! So, what's so good about Turmeric??
  • It has anti-oxidant properties.
  • It has anti-cancer properties.
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties that work great for pups with hot spots, arthritis, itchy/sensitive skin.
  • It has anti-bacterial properties.
Of course, healthy dogs can eat it too! It just builds up their immune system even more! :) - 4. All our products now contain Vitamins C & E! We already mentioned that in a previous entry but we just wanted to include it here too as it's a definite improvement! :) - We hope your pups enjoy our new, improved, healthier treats! Our boys have definitely been pigging out a little more hehe. I'm sure we can all agree that our dogs deserve only the very best! They do so much for us, we should do the same for them too :)   Home made dog treats and pupcakes, Made in Singapore ;)
Hypoallergenic / Grain-Free / Senior Special / Tasty / Vegetarian / Pupcake

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