We are back and SO INSPIRED!!!

We just got back at 5pm this evening, and even though we should really be in bed, there's just so much I want to share that I have to get it out of my system!!! Can you tell that I am super duper excited?! Haha! Our trip around Europe was amazing- we met lovely people, got to see something new and beautiful every single day, got to learn about different cultures, but most important, we got the opportunity to understand dogs better. And that has stirred up am immense load of inspiration within me. I am just bursting! I had the lovely opportunity to meet dog owners in London, Paris, Barcelona (read about our experience at an Animal Rights Protest by clicking here!), Amsterdam and Rome. In each country, I learned a bit more about dogs from many, many dog owners. I also had the opportunity to learn more about food preparation for dogs and specific ingredients, but of course, I'm going to remain hush hush about this for now hehe. Let's just say that the learning never stops, and that's what makes life so exciting! I was simply spoiled by the ingredients available in Europe, so now I have to begin my hunt back home! The trip definitely fuelled my passion for caring for dogs, and the downside to that is... I now want to adopt another dog -_- So what's there to look forward to?? 1. New and improved recipes in the month of March. Some of our hot favourites will be getting mini makeovers: same great taste, just EVEN better for doggies! Also, starting March, all our treats will include Vitamins C & E at no extra cost! 2. A cheaper, more efficient, daily delivery service. We will get this up and running latest by 8th March 2014 (Saturday). So please bear with us as we sort things out :) UPDATE!!: Our daily delivery service is now priced at $10 per destination! It runs everyday except Mondays as we are closed :) Delivery is still free for Orders above $100 :) 3. A new, resealable packaging starting April 2014! We've heard your feedback, and we wanna make things better, tidier and more convenient for all dog owners! :) Ahh... It's good to be home :)   Home made dog treats and pupcakes, Made in Singapore ;)
Hypoallergenic / Grain-Free / Senior Special / Tasty / Vegetarian / Pupcake

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