Our Day at Pawsitive!

We had so much fun at Pawsitive!!! It was our first time setting up a booth at a flea, and I'm not gonna lie, I spent a lot of time away from my table because I got so distracted by the doggies up for adoption. How can you not be right?! Haha. Well, we definitely had an awesome time, and we are so grateful to so many of you for supporting us! You guys are the BEST!!! :) We got there pretty late because clumsy me injured not one, but BOTH my feet just the day before so I spent a lot of time hobbling around trying to get things done. A huge gash under my big toe and a sprained ankle (mild sprain, thank goodness!) was a real inconvenience!! In case you're wondering, I fell into a drain while walking my boys -_- Thankfully, we still managed to get a decent table and our set-up was done in no time! :) Okay that's a lie, haha! We were fumbling around because we were too excited, and couldn't find simple things like our markers to write stuff!! But we still made it on time! Hehe!

20140119_110529HELLO!!! :D

IMG-20140119-WA0000Welcome to our mini booth!

On sale that day: CNY Cheese Tarts, Pork & Apple-Cinnamon Bones, Cheesy Cheese Chompers (grain-free version), Pork Jerky, Parmesan & Pork Liver Hello Kitty, Carob-Banana-Peanut Butter Fudge (special for the day!).

IMG-20140119-WA0002OUR SHIRTS!!! Hehe! We had the option of paying someone to print it but of course, we chose the hard way and did it ourselves. Not too shabby huh?? We're trying very hard to get the logo into this picture, can you tell?? Hehe :P

I think I lasted about 30 minutes at the table before I ran off. AND I AM SO GLAD I DID!!! WHY?? Because I met these cuties!!!!!!

20140119_120438 20140119_120445

The puppies above are just super adorable and so good natured. Once you pick them up you won't wanna put them down! They're so sweet and affectionate and just tug at your heart strings!! 20140119_120618 20140119_120623

I really bonded with Tyra that day (pictured above). And it was hard to let her go :( I would love to bring her home but I don't think I can handle another at this point :( I really hope she finds a loving home soon! She is so sweet!!!


This was lunch! Yummy cupcakes from Kisses Bakery!! :) My favourite is the Salted Caramel, SUPER DELISH!!!

IMG-20140119-WA0003The owner of Kisses Bakery, my dear friend, Phil!

Pawsitive was a really interesting and exciting experience for us. We met so many lovely people, not just you wonderful customers but people who rented the booths too. Everyone was so pleasant and nice :) The best part for me of course, were playing with the doggies. Hehe. No surprise there huh?? It was also really nice to make a difference, we hope the funds we raised that day will help the pups at Exclusively Mongrels! :) Once again, thank you to everyone who came by and supported us, along with Pawsitive! :) We hope to see you again next time! :)

Home made dog treats, Made in Singapore ;) Hypoallergenic / Grain-Free / Senior Special / Tasty / Vegetarian


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