A Personalized -Name- Bone!

Ever wanted your doggie's name on his/her cookie because it's cute?? Or maybe to tell their treats apart? Well now you can! Hehe.


We can Personalize the following Treats:

Cheese & Bacon Bears

Cheesy Cheese Chompers

Giant-Liver Parmesan Paw

Little Carrot Biscuits

Mighty Milk Animal Cookies

Peanut Butter Yoghurt Bones

Pork & Apple Cinnamon Bones

In some cases the original shaped cookies may be too tiny to emboss your fur kid's name on it, so in a case like that, we'll change the cookie shape to a different one (for example, from the teddy bear to a bone or giant paw) :) Can't wait to hear all the adorable names of your little ones!! Hehe.   Home made dog treats, Made in Singapore ;) Hypoallergenic / Grain-Free / Senior Special / Tasty / Vegetarian

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