DIY Feed My Paws Recipe: Easy Birthday Cake and Cookies Recipe for One Dog!

Hi everyone!
Today we're doing Birthday Party for One Dog recipe :) It works for 2 small dogs too :) This video was highly requested because we know many of you only have one precious little pooch, and sometimes, all you want is a small portion of freshly baked pupcakes or cookies for a birthday, or even just a fun weekend to spend together! All you need are some very simple ingredients. The main one being baby food ;) Here's a bit more detail on that.
This is what I purchased:
The important thing to note when buying baby food is to ensure that there isn't any sugar, salt, onions, chocolate, preservatives, or basically anything dogs aren't supposed to have. The one I purchased contained only vegetables and water:
Ingredients list:
Pupcakes (makes 2 small pupcakes):
1/2 jar of baby food (55g)
3 tablespoons flour (I recommend oat flour or brown rice flour)
1 egg
Cookies (makes 15 small cookies):
1/2 jar baby food (55g)
4 tablespoons flour (plus extra for rolling/in case dough is too soft and you need to add more)
Optional: Parsley, Turmeric, Mint Leaves

This recipe is vegetarian, but if your dog is like one of ours and absolutely hatesssss veggies (Hoovy the little rascal), then you're probably gonna want to add some fish (like tuna), or meat (minced) to the mix. All you have to do is substitute 1 or 2 tablespoons of flour for fish/meat and you're good to go :)

Video tutorial here:
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