DIY FeedMyPaws Recipe: Tuna Birthday Cake!

Hi everyone! We have a super exciting recipe to share with you today: a yummy Two-Tier Tuna Birthday Cake just for pups! We had so much fun working with our friends from Pets Magazine Singapore for this one, and our recipe can also be found in Pets Magazine's Feb/Mar 2016 issue :) 


Size: 500g (bottom tier 400g, top tier 100g)
Ingredients List (CAKE)
300g Tuna (steamed, or canned)
70g finely chopped vegetables
1 Egg
150g Brown Rice Flour (or any flour of your choice)\
Ingredients List (FROSTING)
100g Mashed Sweet Potato (top-tier)
300g Mashed Potato (bottom-tier)
1 tsp Turmeric Powder

STEPS (watch the video tutorial below for more details):
1. Preheat oven to 175degrees celsius
2. Mix together all the CAKE ingredients in a bowl
3. Divide into two moulds
4. Bake small mould for 20 minutes, and large mould for 40 minutes
(To check whether cake is done, place a stick in and remove. If stick comes out dry, it's done!)
5. Leave CAKES to cool.
6. Prepare frosting: Mix Turmeric Powder and Mashed Potato together
7. Once cakes are cool, they are ready to frost and design to your liking! 

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  • Hi! What natural ingredients can I use to get a green frosting?

  • Hi, thanks for sharing! May I know if I would like to do a vegetarian version of this, what should I replace the tuna with and how much should I replace it? Thanks! :)

  • Hi Rowan! You can try pureed pumpkin, but it isn’t as firm, so it might be a little harder to cover the cake well. This feeds up to 12 small dogs (as a snack) :)

    Crystle (FeedMyPaws)
  • Thanks for sharing! Just have 2 things I’m wondering… is there any alternative to potato/sweet potato for frosting that u know of? And how many pups does this feed? Thanks! :)


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