Valentine's Day Staycation at Dog-friendly Hotel, Conrad Centennial Singapore!

Hi everyone! This past Valentine's Day, Melvin decided to surprise the boys and myself with a staycation at Conrad Centennial Singapore!! Okay, sort of a surprise, although he had to check with me before booking in case I made plans to work on that day, haha! The boys had SO MUCH FUN. It was their first time at a hotel and given howwonderful the service was, it won't be their last :) This entry will cover their stay plus lots of useful information to help you plan a staycation there better! :)  


Before I get into the picture part of this entry, here's the Top 10 things to take note when planning your doggie staycation :)

1. You can book any room at Conrad Centennial Singapore. We initially thought that you had to book a suite/large room since we had dogs, but we were thrilled to know that you could book ANY room! Even the smallest one! When you make your reservation, do let them know that you will be having your dogs with you :)

2. Check-in time is 3pm, and check-out time is 12pm.

3. At Conrad, you're allowed up to 2 dogs, with a maximum combined weight of 34kg. An additional, non-refundable deposit of $120 will be charged for animal companions during their stay there. Over at Hilton (which is under the same chain), they charge you $50 I believe :) I initially chose to Hilton, because it's cheaper (no other reason, haha) but ended up going with Conrad because it was closer to Gardens by the Bay, and the boys have never been there :)

4. Conrad provides a pretty big doggie water bowl (a metal one, picture below) so you don't have to pack that along :) They also provide rope toys (meant for tug-of-war, not for chewing) for your pups to play with! There was also a Conrad bear (picture below) which thankfully, Hoovy didn't shred apart haha! I would recommend packing some other toys if your dog is fussy (like Hoovy) but probably not squeaky ones! While the walls are pretty thick, we did hear someone complain about dogs barking on the 4th floor.

5. Dogs are allowed in the lobby area, and their rooms, but not at any dining areas. You can choose in-room dining options or head out nearby :)

6. Do pack along your dog's food, although, if you'd like to give them a treat, there's a 24-7 in-room dining option! :) I'm sure the friendly staff at Conrad will be more than happy to prepare a steak without seasoning for them! :) The boys didn't get that though, haha, I'm a bit too strict with their diet, and given how excited they were, I was worried any dietary changes might cause them a bit of stomach issues. I won't lie though, when we had dinner at Gluttons by the Bay, I did give them some coconut water, hehe.

7. Try not to pack food that requires freezing/refrigeration. The fridge is small, and pretty heavily stocked with drinks so it wasn't cold when we opened it (we wanted to place a sandwich in there). The fridge actually felt warmer than our room.

8. If your pup isn't outdoor trained, the bathroom has more than enough space for his/her pee tray :) We brought along the boys pee pad, but of course since they were out for ages, they didn't need it. Haha.

9. The nearest dog-friendly dining option would be Gluttons by the Bay. We sat at the table right at the corner, and had the boys seated on the floor. We weren't chased away, so all was good! :) Gluttons by the Bay is at the Esplanade, about a 15 minute walk away. I must say though, it wasn't the safest, and most convenient way to get there. There were a couple of busy roads to cross, and there wasn't always a pedestrian crossing or zebra crossing available. We carried the boys when we jaywalked (not a fan of this), but if you have a bigger dog, I think you may have to consider taking a taxi, or walking during less busy hours.

10. Once you get to the Esplanade area however, there are tons of places you can walk to pretty safely! We managed to get to MBS, walk past a huge exhibition nearby (they were setting up for Chingay), and even made a trip to Gardens by the Bay!   Okay, on to the pictures!   We arrived at Conrad Centennial Singapore around 4pm and were so warmly welcomed! The staff even greeted the boys, which I found so sweet and amusing at the same time! They totally lapped it up though, even old man. Haha. Who knew he was such a fan of attention?! Oh did we mention! We bumped into @thevanillapup, Latte! Hoovy was SO excited to see her, and I don't think they've ever met before! Hahaha. So cute. IMG_8931  

Us at the lobby, and heading to our room! :)


IMG_8936 IMG_8938  

We think this was just a warning to everyone who was afraid of dogs :P

First thing Skotch did was to fly onto the bed, and then he refused to get off!!

IMG_8940 IMG_8941

You know how hard it is to get them sitting together and smiling?! Skotch hates sitting next to Hoovy (he's fidgety haha!) and he almost never smiles. BUT, LOOK AT THIS. Lol. (The Conrad bear I was talking about is on the right!)


Rolling around in bed! Skotch ready to fall asleep, haha.



Conrad was kind enough to provide a large bowl for their water :) Just as well, I forgot to pack theirs. Oops.


Lucky Hoovy over here was given an extra bear to play with! Look how happy he was about it :) His favourite colours are red/pink, so imagine his joy when the lovely jiejie gave him a bear dressed in red, haha.


Time for TREATS!!!



IMG_8981 IMG_8983

While Skotch decided to be an emo nemo after snacking, Hoovy decided to.................

IMG_8957 IMG_8958

GO PLAY IN THE AWESOME TOILET!!!!!!!!! He's never allowed to do this at home, haha!

IMG_8994 IMG_9000

Boys taking their pre-dinner nap. Can you imagine? We arrived at 4pm, got up to our room at 410pm, and they got so excited and exhausted within an hour. Haha!

IMG_9019 IMG_9022

I found the perfect place to prepare their dinner! The mini bar was fully equipped for their meal preparation: a mini hot water flask, and a metal spoon :) So glad to find what I needed to prepare their meals! :)


After dinner, IT WAS TIME FOR AN ADVENTURE!! First up, pee pee time! :P


After dinner, we took a stroll to Gardens by the Bay! Hehe. Saw so many exciting things on our walk there, one of which was this awesome set-up for Chingay Festival!


Here's the little rascals, just before we arrived at Gardens by the Bay! We didn't have that much fun at Gardens by the Bay because it was really crowded for one, and Hoovy is afraid of the dark, poor kiddo. But that's okay, it was a long walk there, and a long walk back, and they did have a lot of fun exploring, so it was all good! :) 20150214_192459

We had a lot of fun at our Conrad staycation, and we're already looking forward to the next one! A big thank you to the wonderful staff at Conrad Centennial Singapore, for making the boys, myself, and Melvin, feel so comfortable and happy :) We'll definitely be back!! I actually do have a video I need to edit of our stay, I'll try to get that done soon and post it on our YouTube channel! :)

P.S: Big thank you to Melvin for sponsoring our stay, hehe. It was a wonderful Valentine's Day present!

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