Why Home Made Kibble?

Just like me before, I'm sure many pet owners feed their dogs kibble. It's very convenient, usually balanced and clean up is a breeze. When I first got Skotch (my now 11 yo chihuahua), I was advised to give him kibble as the lady told me it's the "most balanced form of food" for dogs. I bought Skotch from a pet shop, back when I had zero knowledge about puppy mills :( It was pretty obvious a month or so later that he was a very sickly dog, and for the first year and a half, we were at the vet nearly every month. His skin was dry, fur was falling out in patches, he had diarrhoea all the time, he had a lousy appetite, he would throw up over the slightest change in diet and he had very little energy. He was nothing like a puppy. He's 11 years old now and he's way more active than when he was 5 months old! IMG_7792

 My greedy piglet now (anyone else whose pup opens their eyes as wide as this when they smell a good treat? hahaha) :P

I was very lucky to eventually find a good vet- Dr Thiru at AMK vet taught me a lot about a good diet for dogs, especially a dog with a weak immune system, like Skotch. He told me about the benefits of fresh, home cooked meals, along with little additions like plain yoghurt (probiotics) and honey (to soothe the tummy). After Skotch was sterilised (sorry little man!), Dr Thiru put him on a strict, home cooked diet and I began to see the huge difference. His skin started to improve, he started to grow a ton of fur, and he no longer had a weak tummy! But... Then the other problem started. He got fat from pigging out -_- I guess we took it too far. We were all a bit too excited that he could now enjoy food!

Then began the experiments for healthy, low fat foods he could enjoy. Skotch was a lazy eater- give him soft foods and he'll finish a whole bowl really quickly. Give him harder foods and he'll take forever to chew on it. We also realised another problem- his teeth wasn't as clean as before. In his kibble days, his teeth were cleaner from chomping on hard biscuits. Now he was on a diet of soft foods and his teeth were in bad shape. So began my experiment for home made kibble!

One of my many attempts:

20131016_190030Left: Whole grain meat kibble. Right: Potato meat kibble.

I think the next picture will be a good description of how I felt at that point:

b7eHahaha. Ya I really didn't!!

Getting the portions right, and preparing the perfect homemade kibble was reallllyyy hard. By this time I was already dog sitting full time so I had the perfect opportunity to test my creations :P Too much liquid and it turned into a mush, the dogs scoffed at it haha. Insufficient meat and all the dogs hated it. Too much grain and some dogs were allergic. Some dogs needed to be on a hypoallergenic diet. Others were vegetarian. It took me months and months of experimenting before finally coming up with 3 yummy options!

Meet Meaty Kibble, Salmon Kibble and Fibre-Rich Kibble!

Meaty Kibble Salmon Kibble IMG_7666 Only natural ingredients are used in FeedMyPaws home made kibble, and these crunchy pieces are filled with a ton of goodness!! Only Organic flour is used, along with lots of fresh vegetables and tasty meat/fish. Here's an example of what goes into Salmon Kibble:

Fresh Salmon Salmon KibbleYup, a truckload of fresh salmon!! :) Along with things like Organic Buckwheat Flour, yummy carrots, Organic flaxseed and more!

This is what my boys, along with the little ones who join us, eat on a daily basis :) I usually give them a small portion of homemade beef/pork stew, along with a handful of kibble that's balanced for them. So whether you're looking for something grain-free, hypoallergenic, vegetarian, or just something for a regular pooch, there's a perfect one for each of them :) If your pup has certain allergies, or you would like a particular kibble type to be made for his/her needs, feel free to let us know! We'll be very happy to whip up something just for your little one :) Home made kibble is preservative free, healthy, balanced and super delicious for doggies! A FeedMyPaws exclusive ;) Why not try a pack today? :)

IMG_20131209_230631"Home made kibble for me everyday?! YAY!!! I give it TWO PAWS UP!" -Skotch

(Skotch didn't use to have any fur on his tummy, and his skin was always so dry. Look at it now hehe! Nice and fluffy and ohsosoft!)

Home made dog treats, Made in Singapore ;)

Hypoallergenic / Grain-Free / Senior Special / Tasty / Vegetarian

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