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#SINGAPROUD - A fundraising initiative by local, Singapore brands!

Join us for some guilt-free shopping as we embark on the spirit on giving this Christmas! We're aiming to raise at least $1000 for our chosen beneficiary, Causes for Animals Singapore, and we need YOUR HELP! Together, we can help feed hungry bellies and ensure our street animals have the medical aid they need. 


You can select one pair of ThePigBakesClay Petite Iced Gem Earrings (colour of your choice). You'll also receive a full size pack of Feed My Paws treats (you may select your choice of protein), as well as 2 surprise treats!

On this page, we're featuring Lixuan, founder of THEPIGBAKESCLAY! Lixuan is an incredibly talented artist who makes the tiniest food miniatures you've ever seen! She's been featured across various local shows, newspapers, and online articles, all showcasing her exceptional talent! Read on to find out more about her :)

1. What inspired you to start The Pig Bakes Clay? It’s such a memorable brand name, but why are you a pig?!

Haha I wanted to include a part of my mama in cos she loves pigs! And pigs like to eat too, so..hahaha

2. 2020 has been a challenging year for so many, yet you so generously donated 50 pairs of handmade earrings to raise funds! What made you decide to come on board?
Animals are much more vulnerable as compared to humans, they can’t speak, and they need us to speak up and care for them. They have a soft spot in my heart cos they are just Super trusting, naive and adorable la.  
3. Tell us more about your adorable kitties that you adopted!
I have a tuxedo cat TomTom and a Siamese cat Horlicks. Though they came from the same litter, Horlicks is a Super gluttony cat who is twice or thrice the size of skinny Tom! 

Tom is a door opener and Super wary of everyone including myself if I try to be funny in front of her, follows me 24/7 everywhere in the house even when I go toliet  and Horlicks is the blur one who always don’t really know what is going on, he’s happy as Long as he has his food and snacks to eat lol. 

Their mum died from a fight with a mongrel and we took 2 of the babies from her litter in and since then the journey has been amazing watching them sprout from kitties to young cats. 
4. What can we look forward to see from The Pig Bakes Clay in 2021?

I’ll be coming up with diy kits in 2021, can you picture yourself making Chwee kueh earrings at home? and probably more new products to sell!:)
The Feed My Paws team would like to say a massive thank you to Lixuan for generously donating 50 pairs of her handmade petite iced gem earrings! To find out more about ThePigBakesClay, please visit: https://thepigbakesclay.com
Or follow ThePigBakesClay on Instagram @ThePigBakesClay