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#SINGAPROUD Fundraiser: Doodles by Illusorydoll x Feed My Paws

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Knowing more about your furkid helps us ensure the selection of treats is suitable for them :)
You may also choose to donate your treats to our beneficiaries for the month! :)
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#SINGAPROUD - A fundraising initiative by local, Singapore brands!

Join us for some guilt-free shopping as we embark on part 2 of our #SingaProud fundraiser! We're aiming to raise at least $1000 for our chosen beneficiaries, Uncle Khoe's K9 & Guinea Pig Rescue Singapore, and we need YOUR HELP! Together, we can help feed hungry bellies and ensure these beautiful animals have the medical aid they need. 


You can select one pair of Handmade Doodles by Illusorydoll  item (there's only 1 of each!). You can also choose a pack of handmade Feed My Paws treats for your pup, kitty, or small animal! These treats can be donated to either of the above mentioned beneficiaries as well :)

On this page, we're featuring Eileen, founder of Doodles by Illusorydoll!

1. What inspired you to start Doodles by illusorydoll?

I love drawing cute characters since young. So my hubby actually got me wacom so I could test it out and draw for fun. I started out because of the Collab with Hamster Society Singapore. I drew my niece's hamster for that Collab and from that I have people asking me to draw their pets and themselves and so I gave them a try 😊 really enjoyed every custom piece 😊

2. The past year has been so challenging for so many, yet you’ve worked with us twice to raise funds! What made you decide to come on board?

I enjoyed working with you guys. It is a blessing to be able to help and give back whatever I can 😊 I'm more than grateful to be able to be of help 😊 I do hope that I can move on to helping with fundraising monthly 😊

3. Tell us more about your furkids!

Oh yes, Eevee, Koko and Kopi are also the main characters for my designs 😊 it's really therapeutic to draw. Takes me back to memories of Eevee. Now Koko has just turned 2, she is so much braver now. Kopi is turning 8 months.. She's a daredevil.. She doesn't hide when she gets close to Kobe.. Kobe has just come home with us for a month and is 4 months old now.. Very cheeky boy.. Like koko, he is not picky and eats everything..

4. What can we look forward to seeing from you in 2021?

In 2021 I hope to produce more products for Doodles by illusorydoll and be involved with more charity events 😊