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Bun-cake (Bunny cupcakes, 4 per set) (For collection)

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Include either bunny's name OR message (e.g. Happy Hopday!)
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Treat your bunny to a delicious cupful of goodness with our Feed My Paws Bun-cake!

The delightful mix of fresh fruits are high in vitamins and minerals, and aim to aid your bunny's heart, nervous system, digestive system and urinary system.

You may also supplement these benefits with a herb of your choice!

If your bunny is a fussy hay eater, you may also opt to mix in Timothy Hay to tempt him/her into eating more hay!

If you're celebrating a special occasion, (such as a birthday) you may include a name or short message (free of charge) on the bun-cake!

These will only be available for self-collection in store, or delivery at $20/location.

Ingredients (cake): Apple, banana, goji berries, berries

Ingredients (decorations): Fresh fruit/vegetable (the freshest available for the day!), pumpkin, beetroot, charcoal (tiny amount)

Each set consists of 4 bun-cakes. Colour of bun-cake case may vary. Consume within 3 days (must be kept refrigerated).

Orders need to be place 5 days in advance.