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Pupcake Workshop (for Beginners!)

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Take the shortcut to become a Pupcake Expert

We’ve been making pupcakes for 8 years, and during this time, we’ve gained so many tips and tricks to obtain the perfect texture and look! We’ve also made every mistake imaginable, haha. We will be sharing all this with you! You can skip the difficult journey of mistakes and go straight to being a pro! Whether you’re looking to bake for your pups and kitties, or start/improve your business, this class will have everything you need to go from clueless to expert!

In future, an advance class will be available where students will learn more intricate designs such as characters and custom dogs. Students who wish to attend these classes must atrend this workshop first :)

Date: 23 April 2021, 1:00-5:30pm

Venue: Feed My Paws Store 

Instructor: Crystle, Founder of Feed My Paws 

For more details, please read FAQ here :) Thank you!

What is covered in this class?

Rough overview:

  • How to make a pupcake from scratch: ingredients, timings, and a hands-on approach to getting your bases perfect
  • Various piping tips and their designs
  • Emoji Pupcakes x 3 designs, enabling you to learn how to use potato to sculpt and mould
  • Writing techniques using frosting (x 2 designs)

What techniques are covered in the Beginners' Class?

  • Students will learn important techniques that are required for a good base
  • Tips and tricks to make a smooth and flat base for all designs
  • How to hand mould shapes and put them together for the overall look
  • How to use tools (even those that aren’t expected!) to your advantage!
  • Understanding the various textures required for each design 
  • How to make duo and tri-coloured pupcakes the easy way!

What is provided in the Beginners' Class?

  • Each student will receive 8 pieces of pupcake to work with (you will be contacted in advance to choose your preferred protein)
  • Each student will receive a DIY take-home box with everything you need to kickstart your journey!
  • Endless bowls of potato for frosting and sculpting! 
  • Light bites and refreshment
  • Boxes to bring home your awesome creations!