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Pork and Organic Calendula! (Mother's Day Limited Edition)

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Crunchy pork coins made with fresh pork, topped with a little Organic Calendula flower! Well known for being anti-inflammatory for the body, a natural digestive aid, and soothing properties, Calendula has been used as a natural treatment and supplement for years.

This treat was first launched in our May 2020 edition of Little Box of BIG Flavour as "Pork & Marigold (Calendula)". To avoid confusion due to the many species of Marigold flowers that aren't all suitable for consumption, we have since renamed it to accurately reflect the specific type of Marigold used to produce this treat (Pot Marigold, Calendula Officinalis).


Ingredients: Fresh Pork and Organic Calendula

Texture: Crunchy

Weight: 40g

Shelf life: 3 months 

**Not suitable for cats and pregnant dogs