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Pineapple Tart! (Preorder, ready 5 Feb 2021 onwards)

Pineapple Tart! (Preorder, ready 5 Feb 2021 onwards)

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***MAXIMUM 4 PIECES PER ORDER. Thank you!***

**SELF COLLECTION OR OPT FOR COURIER DELIVERY. Cannot be shipped as this needs to be refrigerated on the same day as collected/delivered.**

The tastiest, most adorable Pineapple tart, ever!

Made with our in-house pineapple jam that's made with fresh, juicy pineapple, cooked down slowly over 2 hours to reveal a tangy, chewy, absolutely delicious pineapple jam! Made with 100% pineapple and NOTHING ELSE! 

Pineapple tarts are sold individually (frozen). Please bring along a cooler bag during collection.

Coloured with Organic spirulina and turmeric only.

Weight: 50g each

Shelf-life: 2 months in the freezer, 5 days after thawing