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Little Hearts! (Valentine's Special)

Regular price $9.50

NOTE: Due to Limited Stock, each customer can only order a maximum of 3 (example: 3 bottles, or 1 bottle and 2 clear packaging, or 3 clear packaging, etc). Thank you for your understanding!

These are launched every Valentine's Day and they're so loved, we decided to bring them back despite it taking days to complete, hehe!

These hearts are extremely tiny at just 0.5cm! Every batch is handmade and every tiny heart is stamped out from our delicious, milky, signature dough. Please note that these are a novelty item, and are not suited for those looking for large quantities of treats. They are extremely small and take many hours to complete, hence the pricing and limited stock :)

We've got Mini Bottles up for grabs (they contain ~25-27 pieces of little hearts), and we also have them in a clear packaging (they contain ~40 pieces of little hearts). We will not be making a second batch once these are sold out due to the immense amount of time required to make them, so do grab them while stocks last! :)

Why are these little hearts so much pricier compared to our usual cookies? Because these take 5x the time and effort to make! We hope you'll enjoy admiring and eating these extreme little cuties, as much as we have enjoyed making them! :) Happy Valentine's Day!!

Ingredients: Organic Oats, Dairy, Turmeric, Beetroot, Spirulina, Carob

**Please note that these cookies, like all other cookies, are fragile and can break during shipping. You can opt to select for self-collection at our store to avoid this.**