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Herbs Starter Pack (hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas)

Herbs Starter Pack (hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas)

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Herbs Starter Pack! (Samplers of each herb to ease your small animal into developing a taste for them!)

[For small animals: rabbit, guinea pig, chinchilla and hamster]

Get started with boosting your small animal's (rabbit, guinea pig, chinchilla) health with our Herbs Starter Pack! 

Herbs are:
- supplements for your small animal's diet
- treats!
- natural remedies for minor ailments (we've saved ourselves a number of visits to the vet thanks to herbs!)

Herbs in our starter pack and their uses:
1. Dandelion root: for urinary system
2. Dandelion leaves: for digestive system
3. Nettle: for digestive system
4. Lemon balm: anti-bacterial, stress relief
5. Chamomile: calm anxious small animals
6. Comfrey: for digestive system, stress relief
7. Echinacea: boost immunity, and natural antiobiotic

Serving size: 2-3/herb

Each serving: 1 teaspoon

Feeding instructions:

1. Give your small animal a teasponful of 1 herb per day.

2. Do not give more than 1 herb a day if you're first starting out. If there are any allergic reactions, you'll know which herb caused it.

3. If your small animal does not immediately take to the herb, mix it with their favourite fruit or vegetable to entice them to eat it!