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Herbs Starter Pack

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Herbs Starter Pack!

[For small animals: rabbit, guinea pig, chinchilla and hamster]

Get started with boosting your small animal's (rabbit, guinea pig, chinchilla) health with our Herbs Starter Pack!

Herbs are:
- supplements for your small animal's diet
- treats!
- natural remedies for minor ailments (we've saved ourselves a number of visits to the vet thanks to herbs!)

Herbs in our starter pack and their uses:
1. Dandelion root: for urinary system
2. Dandelion leaves: for digestive system
3. Nettle: for digestive system
4. Lemon balm: anti-bacterial, stress relief
5. Chamomile: calm anxious small animals
6. Comfrey: for digestive system, stress relief
7. Echinacea: boost immunity, and natural antiobiotic