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Herb Hearts (All You Can Treat! For bunnies and guinea pigs)

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You wont have say 'no' to those adorable begging eyes asking for treats anymore!

Our series of 'All You Can Treat!' treats follow the daily nutritional requirements of buns and piggies, and allows you to indulge your furkid!

Better yet, the combination of fruit and herbs with hay tempts fussy hay eaters to eat more hay, and the herbs help promote health!

Choose from 3 herb toppings: Calendula, Rose Petals or Peppermint (all organic!)

 Comes in 2 sizes: Pack of 6, and sample of 1 (price includes normal mail shipping)

Ingredients: Quality timothy hay, fresh banana, organic calendula, rose petals or peppermint

Handmade in Singapore, and absolutely free from preservatives!