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DIY Fruit Bowl (Buns, Piggies) (Can be mailed)

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Delight your bun or piggy with a DIY Fruit Bowl! Only you know what fruits and veggies your snookum likes, and pamper him/her with the perfect Fruit Bowl.

Whether it's to celebrate a birthday, or just because you feel like spoiling your little one, the Fruit Bowl is a lovely combination of fresh fruits in a delectable hay bowl.

Create your perfect Fruit Bowl:

1. Select a base: timothy hay + organic oats, or timothy hay + fresh banana

2. Choose to add on a name tag (up to 8 letters)

3. Check out!


Each pack comes with 2 bowls. Each bowl is about 6cm in diameter.

We'll need 3-4 working days to prepare your bowl and tag. Depending on the shipping method you choose, the waiting time for shipping could be between 2-10 working days. If you're ordering this for a birthday celebration, or as a gift, it would be best to order 2 weeks in advance =)


Ingredients: Quality timothy hay, organic oats / fresh banana