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Feed My Paws Quick and Easy Meal Preparation : Rice Cooker Series Part 1 (E-book)

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Did you know that you can prepare an entire meal using just a rice cooker? It's THAT simple!

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In this e-book you'll find nutritious, fresh, delicious recipes that take less than 30 minutes of preparation time! From a whole roasted chicken, to juicy meatballs and steamed vegetables, and even a fragrant bone broth, you can prepare all of this (and more) in a rice cooker!

If you've enjoyed the recipes I've shared with you in the past, you'll love this! I've done all the work and research for you, and guarantee you'll find preparing these a breeze! Your pup will LOVE it, and so will you when you see how happy they are to enjoy your home cooked meal made with so much love :)

Grab the Feed My Paws Quick and Easy Meal Preparation : Rice Cooker Series Part 1 now! 

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