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Durian Gems (for buns, piggies, hams)

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A dollop of durian, a sprinkle of organic rosehip and dandelion root, on top of a delicious cookie - a tiny treat that packs a mighty punch of vitamins and minerals.

Bunnies, guinea pigs and hamsters can eat durian too? Yes, they can - just a small amount! Our kids went crazy over Durian Gems!

Each pack contains 8 gems. 


How to order:

1. Choose your base: either oat (for buns, piggies, hams), or hay + oat (for buns and piggies)

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Feeding directions: 

1. Maximum 1 gem / day 

2. Best to feed 1 every 2-3 days


Ingredients: Mao Shan Wang, organic rosehip, organic dandelion root, organic oat, quality timothy hay