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Donate to Bunny Wonderland

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Buy treats at a discounted price and donate them to the lovely rescues at Bunny Wonderland.
About Bunny Wonderland:
Bunny Wonderland lives up to their mission of 'No bunny gets left behind', rescuing and rehoming over 500 bunnies since they started in 2013. 

The passionate team responds quickly to sightings of abandoned bunnies, spending hours searching for, and rescuing them. Countless fundraisers are also held to aid bunnies in dire medical situations.  

Rooted by their strong belief in education, the organisation also spends a great deal of resources and time coming up with educational materials for potential bunny parents, and organising talks on caring for bunnies, on top of holding monthly adoption drives.
Your donation will help brighten up a rescue's day! Donations will be accumulated over a few months and sent in one go to Bunny Wonderland.