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Cuppa Fruit Tea with hay hei pearls (buns and piggies)

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Choose the first herb for your Cuppa Fruit Tea
Choose the second herb for your Cuppa Fruit Tea

Big Bubble Tea fan? We're sure your bun or piggy is too! ^^

Let them have a cuppa while you have yours!

Complete with our signature hay hei pearls, Cuppa Fruit Tea comes with fruit and herbs, and is the perfect blend for your bun's or piggy's healthy and vitality. You may choose to add more fruit or even vegetables when feeding your bun or piggy!

Customise your Cuppa with your bun's or piggy's two favourite herbs!

Serves up to 3 portions

*cup may vary depending on supplier's stock availability

Ingredients: Quality timothy hay, fresh apple, organic herbs, charcoal