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Birthday Bundles!

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Have just 1 pup but looking for a little variety? Or, are you looking for a stress-free way to cater to 10 guests? We've got the solution for you!

Our Birthday Bundles are delicious, healthy, and pretty too! They give you variety for your party (even if you only have just 1 pup!) and make party planning a breeze~

Which Bundle Suits Your Needs?

Bundle for ONE-TWO Furry Guests:

2 x Pupcakes (100g each) + 2 x Waffles + 2 x Quiche


Bundle for FOUR Furry Guests

4 x Pupcakes (100g each) + 4 x Waffles + 8 x Mini Quiche


1 x Meatloaf (500g) + 4 x Waffles + 8 x Mini Quiche


Bundle for TEN Furry Guests

10 x Pupcakes (100g each) + 10 x Waffles + 20 x Mini Quiche


1 x Meatloaf (1kg) + 10 x Waffles + 20 x Mini Quiche


Ingredients List:

Pupcakes & Meatloaf: Protein of Choice, Eggs, Pumpkin, Broccoli

Waffles: Protein of Choice, Eggs, Pumpkin, Broccoli

Quiche: Eggs, Cheese, Broccoli, Pumpkin