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Ba Zhang (for buns, piggies and chins!)

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Ba Zhang for buns, piggies and chins (yes, chins too)!

Made with quality timothy hay, organic oats and herbs, fresh banana leaves, and small-animal-friendly twine, our Ba Zhang is a treat, supplement and toy rolled in one for your furkid!

The whole thing (except the twine, of course, although it wont harm your furkid if they chewed on it) is edible for bunnies and piggies (the banana leaves need to be removed before feeding your chins). What's more, the herbs used are high in vitamins and also great for the urinary system!

Each pack contains 2 pieces of ba zhang.

This is a dry treat that can be mailed.


Ingredients: Quality timothy hay, organic oats, organic rosehip, organic dandelion root, fresh banana leaves 

Feeding directions:

Buns and piggies:

- Remove twine, or hang ba zhang using twine for buns and pigs to have fun while they eat

- Feed up to one piece per bun/piggy per day


- Remove twine and banana leaves

- Feed up to half a piece per chin per day