About Me

Hi there!

My name is Crystle (and the picture above show my 3 little boys, Hoovy Bird, Honey Boo Boo Kitty, and Skotch Miang Loin), and I started Feed My Paws in 2013, after being a professional dog sitter for 4 years.

Having 2 pups of my own and watching their health transform with a home cooked, balanced diet, sparked my interest in canine nutrition. When I began dog sitting, I was one of the few dog sitters who provided a healthy, balanced meal, made from scratch daily, catered to each and every furry client. After feeding over countless furry clients, I learnt everything from how to create a special needs diet to simply trying to get a picky eater to finish their meals. One thing led to another, and Feed My Paws was born!

To date, Feed My Paws has been featured across blogs, AWGs, and local media consistently: from radio stations 93.8 LIVE and KISS 92FM, to popular publications such as PETS Magazine and ClubPets, where I was a recipe contributor for 2 years, and counting. I'm also proud to say that I finally fulfilled a dream of launching a recipe book in 2016, and to date have launched 2 more. Since then, I've also conducted several workshops and hope to do many more in the near future!

If you're looking for nutritious, healthy treats that are made fresh to order, are 100% preservative-free, and uses only quality, human-grade ingredients, you're at the right place! :) If I haven't said it already, welcome to Feed My Paws and I look forward to serving you and your pups and kitties too!

(Psst... Looking for free recipes you can try? Check out Feed My Paws' YouTube channel, Instagram, blog, and E-Books!)

Looking to get in touch? Drop me an email at info@feedmypaws.com :)

With love,


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