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Chock-full O' Herbs (for buns, piggies)

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With various flavours to choose from, Chock-full O' Herbs targets specific health issues with - you guessed it! - loads of herbs!

Each hay-based morsel will entice fussy-hay eaters to eat more hay, while boosting their immunity, digestion, or urinary system, or aid healing! 

Why hay-based?

80% of a small animal's diet is hay, and even though treats are only given occasionally, we believe they should be as beneficial for your small animal as possible.

Moreover, hay-based yreats also encourage fussy hay eaters to eat more hay, thus promoting healthy gut movement.

Why not oat-based?

Oat is only beneficial in small amounts, and too much oat causes health problems in the long run, the most common of which is G.I. stasis.

Why herbs?

Herbs are the most natural forms of "medication" and boosts your small animal's ability to heal itself.

How often to feed?

One piece every 2-3 days. Or you could choose to cut each piece into 4, and feed a quarter every day.

Ingredients: As listed in post - no nasties, no hidden ingredients

Per pack: 3 pieces

Shelf-life: 6 months from date of manufacture. Store in cool, dry place. Once opened, refrigerate, or consume within a month